What we do.........

The testing service offered is to determine if a sample is a meteorite or not, quickly and affordably.

New England Meteoritical has been testing and preparing meteorites and geology samples for 31 years at the university level, for research, museums, school systems, and the general public.

In short, we have decades of experience working with meteorites.

This is not a terrestrial mineral identification service.

If your sample is not a meteorite then we go no further into the terrestrial mineralogy or chemistry. To keep the testing cost affordable to all, the identification of terrestrial minerals is outside of the scope the service. We do give you an opinion as to what the sample is though.

Unless you witness the fall of a meteorite, finding one is not easy. Most are found by people NOT looking for them.

If your sample is a meteorite we will tell you! If it is not, well, we are only the messenger and you will have learned a lot about meteorites.

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